Martin Schienentechnik KG







As a safety system for track ends, different systems are used whereby a track with person trains will travel on, only track terminations by means of sliding buffer-stops to the use arrive. The buffer-stops brake the train through that in the postponement contrary to causing friction between rail and brake elements, and prevent through it the running over of the track end.



Following types can be delivered:


·                Sliding buffer-stop in different types in dependence of the field of application

·                Sliding buffer-stops with buffers for cushioning little ascents

·                Sliding buffer-stops with additional brakes to the increase of the brake achievement

·                Fixed buffer-stop in little train loads and speed

·                Brake shoes to the use in locomotive halls

For the selection of the correct type of the buffer-stop the train weight, the rise-speed, the type and the buffer type of the vehement vehicle are, and the situation of the buffer-stop and the therewith connected safety value.

All systems are delivered in galvanized execution and retain through it long its function usefulness.