Martin Schienentechnik KG



                     and Services



·                Buffer stops

Prevent the running over of trains and wagons on the end of a track


·                Rail lubricators

For noise and wear reduction on rails and wheel flanges


·                Switch heaters

          For a perfect function of the switch during snow fall


·                Track and wheel measurement systems

          To measure all profile, geometric data of tracks and all profile data of wheels


·                Insulating joints

          For a permanent insulating connection of the rail and to connect rails, which cannot be welded because of chemical reasons


·                Ballast gluing

          Stabilizes the ballast, protects waiting passengers for flying ballast chippings and reduces the maintenance costs


·                Switch rollers

          For a perfect function of the switch without troublesome and time consuming lubrication work


·                Rail grinding

          Hy-rail grinder (Unimog) for grinding the profile and the overlapped head of a rail


·                Compound cable duct

          Plastic cable duct with concrete cover, lightweight and therefore easy to install


·                Aluminothermic welding of rails

          Aluminothermic welding on Vignol- and Phoenix rails


·                Electrical arc welding of rails

          Arc welding on Vignol- and Phoenix rails



Edition September 2014