Martin Schienentechnik KG

Insulating Joints





Insulating joints are insulated rail joints, used for the signalling system of railways. Because of the continuous welded track it is necessary to built in glued and high tensile screwed insulating joints.


The following designs can be delivered:


·                Insulating joint ISW screwed and glued, produced in the workshop


·                Insulating joint ISB set for installation in the track, in situ joint


·                Insulating joint ISK with fibre glass fishplates



Our insulating joints are fulfilling the specifications of the continuous welded track and therefore they are a full part of the railway track.



Testing conditions according to ÖBB specifications for ISW, ISB:


Pressure or tensile test: the following minimum forces insulating joints must fulfil without opening.

                                                                        for ISW, ISB                            for ISK

Profile 49 E1                min. 1800 kN                          min. 1000 kN

                                    Profile 60 E1               min. 2000 kN                          min. 1200 kN

Fatigue test: the testing is made on a fatigue test machine and the insulating joints must withstand an alternation (middle force) without breaking of the fishplates or of the rail.

                                    Upper load      Po                      200 kN                                    120 kN

                                    Lower load      Pu                        15 kN                                      10 kN

                                    Distance          l                       1000 mm                                 1000 mm

                                    Frequency       f                             8 Hz                                         4 Hz

                                    Alternation       LW                         5 Mio                                       3 Mio

All rail profiles can by ordered in a minimum quantity of 50 joints, profiles 49 E1, 54 E1, 54 E2 and 60 E1 in smaller quantities.