Martin Schienentechnik KG






1. Introduction:


Rail grinding units for the employment with municipal enterprises that is called trams, undergrounds and Light Rail systems (LRT) are special requirements subjected, which differ strongly from the conditions of normal railway enterprises. Only in a small extent the grinding machines present on the market meet these requirements wished by the customer. In the following only a few conditions are aforementioned:


·         Hy-rail car to drive also on the road, this vehicle should be suitable by larger distances also for the commitment·

·         Simple lifting system for the grinding unit

·         Grinding machine with 10 stones for large work

·         Grinding disks for deburring the rail flanks

·         Measuring system for the measurement of the rail profile before and after grinding, for the logging and confrontation of actual and target profile (different grinding profiles should be possible

·         The system should make high work with small labour costs

By uniting specialists from different enterprises became it possible to correspond too many of these desires and to build a today's requirements fulfilling machine. The rail grinding unit MST 1 can be called the most modern hy rail grinder at present. By its conception it meets all current desires of the customers.


2. Technical description:


Carrier vehicle:

·         Type Mercedes Unimog U 400 L, achievement 231 HP, 6-Zylinder, noisedammed

·         Waste gas catalyst and soot particle filter for the use in the tunnel

·         Video plant for reverse movement with colour monitor in the driving cab

·         Driving speed on the road 80 km/h·

·         Signal light alarm system for railway and BOStrab

·         Official permission for Wiener Linien (Austrian transporting enterprises) and OEBB, DB


Hy-rail system:

·         Turntable guiding mechanism of the company Zagro

·         Friction drive by the wheels·

·         Speed on the rail 40 km/h

·         Going of the vehicle on a track length of 6 m possible

·         Time for going on the track 3 min

·         Controlling of the functions of the hy-rail system of the driving cab



·         Power 75 kVA

·         Muffler·

·         Filter for emission control·

·         Generator inserted in an acoustic enclosure which is fastened to the Unimog


Dust extraction filters:

·         Throughput quantity of 2,400 Bm²/h

·         Spark separator

·         Emission control device

·         Blowing out muffler


Grinding unit:

·         10-stones

·         Axle distance of the grinding unit 2.30 m

·         Angle of inclination of the 8-stone-unit inside -45 °, outside +20 ° at the rail head

·         The movements of the stones is controlled by a automatic control unit,

·         Angle of inclination of the 2-deburring stone inside -90 °, outside +90 °·

·         Rail profiling in up to 8 facets possible

·         Grinding speed 1 to 2 km/h (for optimal grinding necessarily

·         Grinding achievement approx. 900 to 1000 m track per eight-hours shift inclusive of lateral deburring·

·         Abrasive dust exhaust


Lifting device:

·         Lifting device to take up and set the grinding unit off

·         Stroke stand in horizontal (approx. 1.50 m) and vertical direction (approx. 1.20 m) mobile·

·         Controlling of the stroke mechanism laterally at the vehicle

·         Piston force 2000 kg


Profile measuring unit: - Option

·         Laser/camera at the front turntable (rail guidance) installed

·         Measuring range inside -90 °, outside +20 ° the ra il head

·         Measurement of the gauge

·         Monitor (laptop) in the driving cab with confrontation of target (given sharpening profile) - and actual profile for measurement before and after grinding work

·         Memory possibility on disk


Corrugation measuring unit: - Option

·         Frames with wheels including accelerometers

·         Measures the longitudinal rail profile

·         Speed for measurement up to 20 km/h

·         Software shows corrugation in the ranges between 10-30, 30-100, 100-300.

300-1000, 1000-3000 mm for right and left rail on a laptop