Martin Schienentechnik KG

Rail lubricator







Tear of the rail lubricator CLICOMATIC feels the oscillations in the track if a train drives past and releases a fat impact to the driving edge of the rail. For the following reason:


·                Decreased rail wear in curves and switches


·                Reduction of wear of the locomotive and car wheels


·                Noise reduction (squeal) in curves


·                Reduction of the traction resistance



The lubricator consists of two units.


·                Equipment cabinet

is screwed onto existing masts or provided stand beside the railway track.

·                Spraying head

housing is installed on a sleeper in the track



The units are connected with a protecting cover, in which cable and hoses are. The equipment can be operated with electricity or nitrogen. The equipment cabinet contains the housing for the electrical installation (230V) and grease pump and/or a nitrogen bottle and a battery, the controller and the lubricant container depending upon execution. The spraying head, magnetic valve and vibration sensor are installed in the spraying head housing.


The main principle of the function is that the vibration sensor takes up the oscillations in the track, if a train approaches and passes impulses on to the electronic controller. This solves electrical instructions to the metering valve out by which the fat depending upon application to the rail is brought. The fat is distributed by the contact of the flange with the driving edge on the track. The flexible control system makes an optimal lubrication possible, which is dependent on local traffic conditions. The number of lubrication procedures is arbitrarily adjustable, among other things after train speed, axle load, train length, contact of the flange with the rails, turning radius and type of lubricant.