Martin Schienentechnik KG


Switch Heater




Gas – switch heaters are used to secure a perfect function of the switch also under winter conditions (snow, ice, snow banks).


We are delivering 2 different gas – switch heater systems:


·                Blower - heater:

The gas – switch heater is a warm air heating system, which blows air through a gas burner, there the air heats up to 950°C and flows through pipes along the rail and tongue. So it is possible to bring the heat direct to the rail the whole switch remains free of ice and snow. We offer different solutions for all switch types. A high heating capacity is ensured because of the high amount of propane and natural gas.

The gas – blower – heater is available with different control systems; the gas supply is effected through propane gas in bulk container or domestic gas which is linked to the local gas network. The temperature controlled system can be supervised through remote and data transmission respectively through a GSM unit.  


·                Electric - heater:

Electric heating elements are mounted direct to the rail and are warming the rail. We deliver all necessary items.


·                ISO-Block:

The temperature controlled system can be supervised and regulated by a data communication or radio system.



We produce the complete heater and control system and conduct services of all of our systems.