Buffer Stops

At the end of the track, various systems are used to secure the end of the train. Friction buffer stops slow down the train by the friction between rail and brake elements which counteracts the displacement and thus prevents the end of the track from being traversed. Fixed buffer stops are rigid track closures which prevent the end of the track from being traversed but can only take on limited loads.

For the selection of the correct buffer block type, the train weight, the approach speed, the buffer type and buffer type of the approaching vehicle and the associated safety features by the position of the buffer block must be specified.

All our systems are supplied in a galvanized version, which means that they retain their functionality for a long time.

We can supply you with the following track closures:

  • Friciton buffer stop in various designs depending on the area of application.
    • Friction buffer stop for drive-on with side buffer vehicles
    • with hydraulic or elastomer buffer to cushion small driveways
    • with additional brakes to increase braking power
  • Fixed buffer stop for track closure at low train loads and speeds.

  • Other track closures
    • brake pads
    • end stops
    • skids
    • Track blocking device

Depending on your requirements, we deliver buffer stops from our own production or from Klose.


Friction buffer stops

Fixed buffer stops

Other track closures