Rail Lubricator

The rail lubricator CLICOMATIC detects the vibrations in the track and triggers a grease shock at the running edge of the rail.

When a train approaches, the main function of this system is to pick up the vibrations in the track by means of a vibration sensor and to transmit impulses to the electronic control unit. This triggers electrical commands at the metering valve, which brings the grease to the rail depending on the application. The grease is distributed on the track by the contact of the wheel flange with the running edge. The adaptable control system allows optimal lubrication depending on local traffic conditions. The number of lubrication operations can be adjusted as required according to train speed, axle load, train length, wheel flange contact with rails, curve radius and lubricant type.

The effect:

  • Reduced rail wear in curves and switches
  • Reduction of wear on locomotive and wagon wheels
  • Noise reduction (squeaking) in curves
  • Reduction of driving resistance

The lubricator consists of two units:

  • Equipment cabinet: This is mounted on an existing mast or stand supplied next to the track system. Depending on the version of the housing, the equipment cabinet contains an electrical system (230V) and grease pump or a nitrogen bottle and battery, the control unit and the lubricant tank.
  • Spray head housing: This is bolted to a sleeper in the track. A spray head, solenoid valve and vibration sensor are mounted in this.
    On request, we can supply you with the grease for refilling your lubricators.


Rail Lubricator